∙∙∙ We build AI agents that create products, acquire customers and plan supply chains to support makers and manufacturers in going direct.



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A generational vision:
At Praxis, we are on a mission to build an AI capable of running businesses autonomously and rearranging atoms to better serve individuals, businesses and communities.

Praxis Pioneering

Our multi-disciplinary team is fanatical about generating tangible results for our customers.

Our main source of growth to date has been through referrals. We’re just at the beginning of realizing our potential.




Praxis is supported by the founders behind:

⊠ Led Twitch from founding through to $900M acquisition by Amazon.

⊠ One of the top ML research labs in the world. Founded by Elon Musk + Sam Altman.

YCombinator Startup School + Research
⊠ Created a new model for funding early stage startups at scale.

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Request a demo of our machines or let us know if you are interested in joining our team. We endeavour to answer all enquiries within 8 hours.

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Praxis Pioneering